Are you ready to face this new world with confidence? As many governments are now advising the wearing of masks in public, Corrinne Muir Creative made the decision to re-open, albeit on a limited basis, and re-purpose its factory to hand produce face masks.  Our production line is up and running. All masks are made to order and assembled by hand. We cut, sew & press all our masks locally here in Stirling, before they are vacuum sealed and either posted out or collected.

We have nothing but admiration for those who are working tirelessly on the front line and the production of masks is not a money-making venture. The monies from the sale of masks will cover the cost of specialist fabric, staffing, running the factory and reducing the cost or provide free masks for those on the front line.  At the end of March, while CMI was still operating, we made and gave away hundreds of masks and absorbed the cost for these. We would love nothing more than to do this on an ongoing basis but, as a small business, we simply don’t have the money to do this.


  • Face masks are made with a double layer of medical grade Shield Plus fabric
  • The fabric has been tested & shown to be effective against the Coronavirus / COVID-19
  • Fabric features patented anti-microbial technology that attracts viruses, fungus & bacteria & destroys them on impact
  • Available in Adult & Children's sizes
  • Continued performance after multiple washes (at 40 degrees).
  • Face masks provided in sterile, sealed packaging with fact sheet & washing instructions
  • A proportion of all sales is being allocated to subsidise the provision of masks to front line workers
  • Discounts available on orders of 25+ masks



When you find yourself unexpectedly in a crowd or having to work at closer quarters than you would like, a washable mask brings some peace of mind. They fold and pop in your pocket or handbag ready for when you would like to use them. 

Why wear a mask?

  • To prevent liquid or droplets entering your mouth or nose
  • To act as a physical barrier, reducing hand to face contact
  • To catch coughs and sneezes to prevent spreading the virus

You still need to wash your hands thoroughly and use sanitiser on a regular basis.



Corrinne Muir Creative has sourced Shield Plus fabric to make the masks. This is a specialist medical grade fabric, that has been used in the industry for several years, and features patented anti-microbial technology that literally attracts viruses, fungus and bacteria and physically destroys them on impact.

The fabric has been tested and shown to be effective against the Coronavirus / COVID-19 and the efficiency of the fabric has been tested for continued performance after multiple washes.

The team at CMI are employing stringent health and hygiene protocols for mask production; everyone is wearing both gloves and a mask to avoid any possible virus transmission; and all masks are provided in sterile, sealed packaging.